27 Julai 2010

E-book : Light Science and Magic


E-book : Light Science and Magic
(An Introduction to Photo Graphic Lighting)
Genre : ebook ~ photography

This highly respected text, now in paperback, has been thoroughly updated and revised. It introduces a logical theory of photographic lighting - one that teaches beginning photographers to predict results before setting up lights. This is not primarily a how-to book with only set examples for photographers to follow. Rather, Light: Science and Magic provides the reader with a comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light to allow individual photographers to use lighting to express their own creativity. Numerous photographs and illustrations provide clear examples of the theories delineated within the text, while sidebars highlight special lighting questions.

Publisher: Focal Press | ISBN: 0240808193 |
edition 2007 | File type: PDF | 320 pages | 46.5 mb

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