26 Ogos 2010

E-book : Photoshop Retouching Cookbook


E-book : Photoshop Retouching Cookbook
Genre : E-Books ~ Design

Ilex | English | 2005-09 | ISBN: 1904705596
176 pages | PDF | 33 MB

This is an excellent cookbook that follows the traditional format. Recipes are logically grouped into easy-to-understand categories, e.g. Strengthening Color, Saturating Color and Working with Color Casts (getting rid of those tints) are covered under the Color Correction category.

The categories cover a wide gamut including; Retouching Portraits, Retouching Landscapes, Exposure Correction, Color Effects and Photo Restoration.

The recipes for more common photo re-touching problems describe a spectrum of ways to fix the problem using different Photoshop tools, generally ranging from light re-touching to methods for fixing larger problems.

One of the main reasons I really liked this book is the selection of recipes covers just about everything I've ever wanted to fix in my own digital photos. I'm not a professional photographer but I have been using digital cameras for several years. I've bought a number of books on using Photoshop to retouch images. None of them are as complete as this one. All of the ways (that I remember) in which I've either screwed up a picture or wanted to touch one up are covered in the book.

These include; Removing red eye & changing eye color, Enhancing lips, Removing skin blemishes and wrinkles, Removing unwanted objects, Removing dust and scratches (from old photos), to a large number of exposure and color related problems.

This book does not cover how to use Photoshop, but if you're slightly familiar with Photoshop you should be fine. I would recommend this book to anyone has taken a digital picture that would be perfect "if only I could fix that one ..."

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1st... add FB aku dulu la, xadd adpt..
2nd... tgalkan nama FB anda sahaja, contoh (Apil Hyer).. email & url xlayan..
3rd... aku bagi link kat inbox mesage FaceBook (FB), so rajin2 la tgk..

Wallpaper : Best Sunset Pack


Wallpaper : Best Sunset Pack
Genre: Wallpaper

50 jpeg | 1280×1024 up to 3008×2000
rar | 25.7 Mb

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