2 Julai 2010

e-book : Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers


e-book : Mother and Child Portraits - Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers
Categories: E-Books » Photography

Publisher: Amherst Media | ISBN: 1584282622 |
edition 2010 | PDF | 128 pages | 6.89 mb

Examining a style of photography that has become increasingly popular with families, this in-depth analysis explores the most important aspects of mother and child portraiture. Summarizing advice from seasoned professionals, this helpful reference demonstrates how to create the right environment for the shoot as well as carefully select the best props, backgrounds, and lighting for mother and child while allowing them to interact naturally. Starting with mothers and newborns, this survey works its way up through toddlers to elementary and middle schoolers and concludes with teenagers.

A vastly diverse collection of images that express each photographer’s concept of what mother and child represent is also included. Filled with inspiring examples and no-nonsense techniques, this extensive overview also covers photographing moms with groups of children and extended sessions that offer potentially greater sales volume.

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creative : 3D Creative Wallpapers #1


3D Creative Wallpapers Part 1
Categories: Wallpaper

30 JPG | HOTFILE | 12 MB

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