13 Julai 2010

E-book : Bermula dengan aperture


E-book : Apple Pro Training Series, Bermula dengan aperture
kategori: E-Books ~ Photography

Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0321422759 | edition 2005
CHM | 240 pages | 10.7 mb

Welcome to Aperture, the revolutionary application for managing and editing digital photographs. Designed specifically for professional digital photographers, Aperture is an enormously powerful tool for handling some of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks of professional photography. This collection of Apple Pro Training tutorials will get you up and running in no time. You’ll learn how to sort, rank, and manage images with unparalleled efficiency; display onscreen proofs and contact sheets in compelling ways for clients; edit and retouch your selected images professionally; publish proofs, portfolios, and final images on the Web and in print; and archive images in a way that’s easy, secure, and intuitive. Available in 2005, these hands-on tutorials provide a great overview of an indispensable application for digital photographers.

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